Our Services:

Managed modem
Eltopia Communications is one of the largest providers of managed modem service in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Rather than each ISP paying exorbitant fees to an ILEC for PRI and T1 service, they can buy these services, terminated to NAS and with IP connectivity, at a fraction of the price. Lower bills matched with no equipment or headaches are the perfect ways for your company to build your business and prepare for the future. Why pay an ILEC the money that you can be using to invest in your own business. Also our customer service cannot be matched by one of the big companies. We are here for your company because we are form the same places that you are. Managed Modem service is just one way Eltopia Communications can save you money and make life easier!

Wholesale VOIP
Eltopia Communications can provide your wholesale voip needs. If you have a large calling center, conference calling facility, or other system that requires large amounts of inbound or outbound minutes, give us a call. We will set up a plan for your company that will help you to take ground in this new and emerging market place.

800 Termination
Many companies are paying 8, 9, or even 10 cents per minute for lower-48 Toll Free termination! How is your company supposed to grow when you are spending this kind of money? Eltopia Communications can chop these prices down drasically, providing your company with a better level of service, while saving you the money you need to be competitive. If you have a choice of the same service without having the pay the huge fees why you not choose to use our 800 Termination!